Kulturwissenschaftliche Zugänge zu multiplen Wassern

Digitale Tagung | 17.-19.06.2021


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June 17
Grasping, Contesting, Managing and Using Waters

Begrüßung und Einführung



Franz Krause (Köln)
An Anthropology of the Amphibious Anthropocene: Towards a Decolonial Perspective on Global Water Crises

Managing Waters

Chakad Ojani (Manchester)
Water in Atmospheric Suspension: Coastal Fogs as Catchable Material Possibility in Peru
Andres Verzijl / Carolina Dominguez / Margreet Zwarteveen (Utrecht)
Building with Nature, Yaku Uway: Enacting Wetlands in Deltas and Headwaters

Contested Waters

Lieselotte Viaene (Madrid)
Indigenous Water Ontologies, Hydro-Development and the Human-no-Human Right to/of Water: A Call for a Critical Engagement with Plurilegal Water Realities
Francesc Rodríguez (Cottbus)
Contested Water Imaginaries in Times of Hydro-Extractivism in Costa Rica
Fanny Frick-Trzebitzky / Dženeta Hodžić (Frankfurt M.)
Subterranean Waterworlding: Practices of Groundwater Management and Use in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

War Waters

Andrew Bickford (Washington, D.C.)
War, Water, and the Supersoldier
Larisa Kurtović (Ottawa)
Water in the Wake of a War: Lessons in Infrastructure in (Post)War Sarajevo
Sarbani Sharma (Tübingen)
Multiplicities of Water in a Militarized Zone: Eventalizing Floods in Occupied Territory

Mundane Waters

Stephanie Bishop (Basel)
How to Take a Bath: Legitimacy and Durability of a Practice
Liviu Chelcea (Bucharest)
When Waters Meet: Hydraulic Hospitality and the Limits of Water Commodification
Martha Kaplan (Poughkeepsie)
Insouciant Water? Enlivened Water in Fiji, New York and especially Singapore


Andrea Ballestero (Houston)
The Financialization of Trust, or, How Water Sculpts Effervescent Geographies of Science and Nature


Laura Otto (Frankfurt M.)
Trouble in Paradise? Sargasso und neue Mensch-Meer-Beziehungen entlang der mexikanischen Karibikküste
Sybille Lustenberger (Fribourg)
Communal Hydro Plants and the Meaning of Modernity
Cynthia Browne (Cambridge/Boston, Potsdam, Bochum)
Water in the Brown Coal Landscape of Germany
June 18
Concepts of Water

Water Complexities as Theoretical Challenge

Ernst Halbmayer / Daniela Triml-Chifflard (Marburg)
Multiplicities of Water: Praxeological and Otherwise
Petra Dobner / Dirk Hanschel / Olaf Zenker (Halle)
"Hegemonic Hydro-Mentalities": Conceptual Considerations for the Analysis of Multi-Scalar Water Conflicts
Colin von Negenborn (Kiel)
Marine Environmental Ethics: An Ecocentric Renaissance?


Dieses Panel findet auf Deutsch statt.
Pablo Schneider (Trier)
Das Meer – Eine visuelle Verständnisgeschichte
Martin Bartelmus (Düsseldorf)
Watering (down) Derrida: Schriftlichkeit als wässriges Konzept zwischen Sprache und Schrift

Negotiating Of, With and Through Waters

Silke Oldenburg / Laura Neville (Basel/Lausanne)
Thinking through the Archipelago: Experiences and Imaginaries of Water and the City
Silja Klepp (Kiel)
A Permanent Crisis: Coastal Protection in Sicily
Sara Luchetta (Venice)
Fluid Wor(l)ds: A Geo-Literary Approach to Water


Christoph Lange (Köln)
The Mediterranean as a Critical Zone in the Context of Ecological Crises and Socio-Political Collapses
Marie Aline Klinger (Berlin)
Water Configurations Along the Mediterranean Frontier
Nadine Plachta (Toronto)
Thinking Bordering Practices through Water: Citizenship, Security, and Disputed Land in Susta
Nikolaus Heinzer (Zürich)
Water Values in the Anthropocene: Cultural Anthropological Investigations Along European Water Bodies
Scheunpflug, Luca / Schüpf, Dennis (Marburg)
Water Grabbing & The Production of Socio-Environmental Conflict

Water Cosmologies

Elizabeth Hodson (Glasgow)
Affrug o' the Sea
Desalegn Amsalu (Addis Abeba)
A Short Ethnography of Water Among the Awi, Northwestern Ethiopia
Victor Secco (Manchester)
Swimming with the Trouble: Science and Religion by the Banks of the Ganges
Luis Bastidas / Eileen Jahn (Bayreuth)
"The River was not Guilty": Anthropomorphizing the Agency of Water and Expanding Solidarity


Gabriele Gramelsberger (Aachen)
The Curls of Water: Digital Water, Discrete Flow, and Curly Eddies
June 19
Water Spaces of Encounters, Experience and Imagination

Spaces of Encounters

Özge Yaka (Potsdam)
River Waters as Constitutive of a More-than-Human Lifeworld: The Case of Turkey's East Black Sea Region
Raj Sekhar Aich (Canterburry)
The Experience of Encountering White Sharks in a Watery Contact Zone
Julia Verne (Mainz)
Technological Mediations in Coastal Waters: A Way Towards More Convivial Human-Shark Relations in La Réunion?

Erfahrung und Imagination

Dieses Panel findet auf Deutsch statt.
Angela Krewani (Marburg)
Ästhetiken submariner Welten als kritischer Reflex auf ökologische Katastrophen
Dennis Niewerth (Bremerhaven)
Welten im Fluss: Eine kleine Hydrographie des Computerspiels

Visual Presences of Water

Fanti Baum (Dortmund/Frankfurt M.)
Purple Sea and The Black Mediterranean
Martín Fonck (München)
"Thermal Water Imaginations": Aesthetical and Political Capacity of Water in El Tatio Geyser Field in the Atacama Desert
Rebecca Boguska (Mainz)
Epistemic Encounters: Moving Images of Water Waves


Sarah Becker (Berlin)
Ins Wasser gehen. Trauma-Gender-Film
Sandro Simon (Köln)
Of Humans, Molluscs and Spirits
Luca Nania (Bologna)
"ZaZdravlje": The Social Life of Holywater Bottles in Contemporary Serbian Orthodox Christianity
Bridget Scholz (Wien)
The Cultural and Health Effects of Water Pollution on the Ughelli People in Delta State, Nigeria

Exhibiting Water and Making Waterworlds

Alejandro Camargo / Sofía González-Ayala (Manchester/Barranquilla)
Multiple Waters and Exhibition Making for Transitional Justice in Colombia
Sven Bergmann (Bremen)
Complicating (Sea) Waters: Thoughts from the Field and the Museum
Amber Abrams (Kapstadt)
The Water Map and Cape Town Museum of Watery Relations
Eriberto Eulisse (Venedig)
The Global Network of Water Museums as Vector of Multiple Water Worlds


Liliana Gómez (Zürich)
"Water Weavers": Liquid Ecologies in Latin American Arts