Reflecting on Multiple Waters

Digital Conference | June 17-19 2021


Long treated as a matter of course, water has increasingly proven worthy of description and debate in recent years and has become a socially virulent topic. In recent years, the arts, social sciences, humanities and cultural studies have (re)discovered the topic of water and its social dimensions as well as analytical properties.

The planned conference at the Institute for European Ethnology and Cultural Studies of the University of Marburg invites all those to network who are doing research in the field of this new topicality of the subject of water. Furthermore, the conference will highlight the broad spectrum of current topics and concepts. Participants will discuss how water can be consistently understood as complex interconnections and not only as a scientifically defined compound of hydrogen and oxygen. The term waterworlding thereby also relates to the debate on multiplicity and different ontologies in anthropology.

The conference will take place digitally and will include English and German contributions in different formats: video lectures, poster sessions and art projects.

Event organization: Ina Dietzsch, Sabine Eggmann